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Products for Hair Loss, Hair Growth

3.1 Intense Shampoo
30.90 € 30.90 €
154.50 € / 1L
3.4 Forte Lotion
44.90 € 44.90 €
449.00 € / 1L
3.4.1 Crexepil De Luxe Forte Lotion
46.90 € 46.90 €
469.00 € / 1L
3.4.2 Crexepil De Luxe Classic
36.90 € 36.90 €
369.00 € / 1L
3.4.3A Fresh Cells Wondercell Lotion
49.90 € 49.90 €
831.67 € / 1L
3.4.3B Fresh Cells Wondercell Concentrate
93.90 € 93.90 €
939.00 € / 1L
3.4.4 Capixyl + Placenta Shock de Luxe Lotion
44.90 € 44.90 €
449.00 € / 1L
3.4.5A Science-7 De Luxe Lotion
69.90 € 69.90 €
665.71 € / 1L
3.4.5B Science-7 De Luxe Essential Oils
42.90 € 42.90 €
1,225.71 € / 1L
3.4.6 Eyelash Wonder Serum
58.90 € 58.90 €
14,725.00 € / 1L

Classic Line - Best Hair Growth Products and Hair Loss Treatment

Our Classic Line comprises a wide range of hair growth products specially designed to combat hair loss and stimulate hair growth. Whether you are looking for a shampoo for hair loss, various lotions, concentrates, scalp oils, or eyelash serum, our products provide effective solutions. Our selection includes a variety of highly effective solutions to support your hair health. Explore the following main product categories:

Intense Shampoo for Hair Loss

Our deep-cleansing shampoo for hair loss offers intensive care and cleansing. It contains a carefully selected blend of hair growth-stimulating ingredients such as placenta extract, adenosine, caffeine, cayenne pepper extract, phytoestrogens, vitamins, and inositol.
Thanks to the saw palmetto extract, which blocks the activity of dihydrotestosterone, it effectively addresses hair loss. The formulation expands blood vessels, giving your hair a silky shine and promoting the health of the hair structure.

Forte Lotion for Hair Loss

Our Dixidox de Luxe Forte Lotion is an effective solution for hair loss and promotes hair growth. The lotion contains a meticulous blend of hair growth stimulants such as purine and pyrimidine bases, placenta extract, adenosine, caffeine, cayenne pepper extract, phytoestrogens, vitamins, zinc, iron, magnesium, silicon, inositol, and sulfur-containing amino acids.
The saw palmetto extract blocks dihydrotestosterone, a major factor in hair loss. Additionally, the lotion improves hair structure and imparts a silky shine.

Crexepil De Luxe Classic Lotion for Hair Loss

Our Crexepil de Luxe Classic Lotion is an ideal choice for hair loss, hair thinning, and stimulating hair growth. It contains CEGABA, a growth-stimulating agent that naturally provides growth factor properties. The balanced concentration of biogenic stimulators based on placenta extract and soy peptides, nucleoside inosine, vitamins, and mineral complex, purine and pyrimidine bases ensures a unique product.
With a strong vasodilating effect and a lasting feeling of warmth and freshness.

Fresh Cells Wondercell Lotion for Hair Loss

The Fresh Cells de Luxe Lotion with CEGABA is a premium choice for stimulating hair growth. Clinical studies demonstrate that the effectiveness in the CEGABA group equals that of minoxidil but faster and without side effects. The formula consists of a lotion and a concentrate that synergistically work to stimulate hair growth.

Fresh Cells Wondercell Concentrate

The Fresh Cells Concentrate with CEGABA is perfect for stimulating hair growth and enhancing the effect of 3.4.3A. The maximum concentration of CEGABA combined with dwarf palm and apple stem cells, antioxidants, and a vitamin-mineral complex promotes visible hair growth, even in severe forms of alopecia.

Capixyl + Placenta Shock de Luxe Lotion

Our lotion with the patented Capixil™ complex is ideal for prolonged hair loss and thinning hair. Capixil™ consists of acetyl tetrapeptide-3, which stimulates the hair growth process and acts on the hair follicles. The combination of salicylic acid and resorcin fights seborrhea, exfoliates, and has anti-inflammatory effects.

Science-7 De Luxe Lotion for Hair Loss

The Science 7 de Luxe Lotion with the hair growth stimulator CEGABA is ideal for treating hair loss and alopecia. This lotion contains CEGABA, placenta extract, and many other valuable ingredients proven to promote hair health.

Science-7 De Luxe Essential Oils for Scalp

Our Science-7 de Luxe Essential Oils contain valuable base and essential oils specially designed for scalp care in dermatitis and psoriasis.
They give your hair shine and smoothness, have a regenerative effect, and reduce inflammation.

Eyelash Wonder Serum

Our Eyelash Wonder Serum strengthens and promotes the growth of your eyelashes. With 10% SymPeptide XLash, an innovative ingredient that supports keratin production and strengthens lashes.

Discover our high-quality hair growth products for hair loss and hair growth in the Classic Line. Say goodbye to thinning hair and lashes - buy now at DSD de Luxe!