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Pityriasis (Scalp Dandruff)

Better known as "Dandruff"

This is a hair condition commonly referred to as dandruff. It affects the scalp and is characterized by accelerated desquamation (shedding of the horny layers of the scalp).

Dry Dandruff

It is the most common type of dandruff among the population and is characterized by dry and very fine white flakes that easily detach from the scalp and can lightly fall onto the shoulders. This type of dandruff does not cause inflammation or itching.
What helps against dandruff?

1. Peeling 1.3
2. Shampoo 1.1/5.1 (choose one)
3. Lotion 2.4 (3 times a week)

Oily Dandruff

Yellow, oily flakes are produced due to increased sebum production. These are often sticky and do not shed as quickly as the dry flakes. This promotes the growth of the yeast fungus Malassezia furfur and sometimes causes itching and burning. Left untreated, it can lead to alopecia.

1. Peeling 1.3
2. Shampoo 1.1/2.1 (choose one)
3. Lotion 1.4 (3 times a week)