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Hyperhidrosis - Excessive Sweating

Excessive Sweating on the Head

When the body temperature is high, the nervous system activates the sweat glands as a mechanism to regulate body temperature. However, if the amount of sweat released is too high or occurs even at normal body temperature, a condition known as hyperhidrosis develops. This can occur in various areas of the body, including the scalp, directly impacting the social life of the affected person.

Causes of Hyperhidrosis

There are various causes that can trigger and exacerbate hyperhidrosis: hormonal and neurological imbalances, anxiety and stress disorders, menopause, heart diseases, cancer, or hyperthyroidism. Effective treatment of hyperhidrosis is crucial to improve the quality of life for those affected.

1. Peeling 1.3
2. Lotion: 1.4
3. Shampoo 2.1

With a tailored treatment, individuals can effectively manage the symptoms of hyperhidrosis and enhance their well-being. It is important to seek professional help early to receive the best possible treatment.